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Timbec has a strong IT team that designs, develops and delivers the required customer applications: loyalty programs, payment solutions, games and contests, intelligent database collection, customized gift cards, product information and order taking linked to the point-of-sale system.


Five years of research and development in the design of kiosk remote management tools, real-time content integration and update of kiosks through the network, dynamic advertising media management, a user-friendly dashboard for statistics and graphics, sophisticated global kiosks monitoring tools and alerts for all peripherals.


Customized design including cash, credit and debit via mag stripe, chip and contactless payment using fully compliant payment hardware. Different types of equipment available to serve semi-unattended and fully unattended environments. All equipment is EMV compliant and meets the highest industry standards.


Timbec has secure printing certification for lottery tickets production. By developing the game on different electronic media, the company now produces customer identification support using secure bar-codes (e.g. loyalty cards, brochures, participation coupons, etc.)

Lottery and Games

20 years experience as a gaming specialist including design, logistic, probabilistic computation, legal aspects and production. Since 2005, the games are available on electronic media (e.g. web, kiosks, SMS, smartphones) with very efficient tools for activity follow-up.

Service Plans

Timbec offers a comprehensive service plan including staging, deployment, installation, 24/7 phone support, on-site technicians, as well as secure inventory management.


Different options are available for financing the kiosks at extremely advantageous rates. Long term leasing options are offered for durations of 24 to 60 months.


The kiosks provide user-friendly tools that allow for flexible customer data capture. We also provide database analysis with the generation of customized geo-positioning maps linked to Statistics Canada socio-demographic data.

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