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Ingenico and Timbec Partner in Canada to Expand Secure Indoor Self-Service Payment Acceptance

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Interactive Kiosks

Made in Québec since 2005, Timbec kiosks stand out above the competition both in their appearance and in their ability to be customized and therefore evolve with customer needs. 


Timbec has a strong IT team that designs, develops and delivers a multitude of interactive easy-to-use applications using the latest technologies. 

Remote Management

Five years of research and development have been invested to develop tools for real-time monitoring, update and support of each kiosk. 

Payment Solutions

Customized design including cash, credit and debit via mag stripe, chip and contactless payment using fully compliant payment hardware.


Service Plans and Technical Support

Timbec offers a comprehensive service plan including staging, deployment, installation, 24/7 phone support, on-site technicians, as well as secure inventory management. 

Lottery and Games

Twenty years experience as a lottery games specialist, including design, logistics, probabilistic computation, legal aspects and production. 

Secure Printing

Since 1992, Timbec has the secure printer certification for the production of lottery tickets, loyalty cards and other such instruments containing variable secure data. 

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